The Story About Us


We are a company which brings to you the best, most nourishing and healthful food products. Our experience of producing and supplying superior quality peanuts, onions, jaggery in India spans over a decade. Our food product stocks comprise of both home grown and others international. 

We already exist as a physical store and now we have striven ahead to own an Wholesale grocery store online. Our company started its full-time operation in 2016 as a small company named “Ram Traders

Why Choose Us

Healthy food online

Eat Healthier

Traditionally made, unadulterated top-quality food products
Safe and additive free product

We Have Brands

We are associated with multiple private label suppliers
Food safety certified

Fresh And Clean Products

Worry-free fresh and hygienic naturally produced food products
traditional methodologies were used for cold pressed oil

Modern Process

We have kept our ethics and belief intact in traditional research, development and production

We Are Farmers


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Online Grocery Shopping in Chennai

That’s not all, our office is located in Chennai, Southern part of India. We are better known for our impurities and contaminants free millets, spices and rice varieties. Our Manufacturers in India are well equipped with ultra-modern food product testing, processing and packaging machines to meet customer need and provide optimum satisfaction.

Along with bringing top-quality food products such as: Rice, Salt, Black Pepper, Jaggery, Homemade Chekku Oil, Honey, Peanut, Corn, Pulses & Millets. We are also dedicated to the growth and the progress of the farmers, agronomists and horticulturists associated with us. We love creating long term corporations with companies and individuals who share our commitment to growing unadulterated and uncontaminated quality food product.

We have kept our ethics and belief intact in traditional research, development and production. So that we are, today, proud of the fact that our food products. Honey, Coconut oil (cold pressed). Gingelly oil (cold pressed), Groundnut oil (cold pressed).  Fax tail Millet. Kodo Millet, Pearl Millet. Barnyard Millet. Basmati Rice. Ponni boiled rice. Kaikhutal rice (hand pound rice). Karuppu kavuni rice. Mappillai samba rice. Seeraga samba rice. Nattu sakkarai, Jaggery