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How To Get Good Quality Indian Peanuts For Export

Indian Peanut Kernels

How To Get Good Quality Indian Peanuts For Export

Indian peanuts are one of the most popular snacks and food items in India. Peanuts are an excellent source of vitamin E, protein, niacin, thiamine and minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium. They also contain some amount of dietary fiber. The health benefits offered by Indian peanuts can be attributed to a special type of antioxidant which is present in them in large amounts.

Indian Peanuts for Export

Indian peanuts are mostly exported to other countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.In India, peanut production is in the range of 18,000 metric tonnes per annum while exports stand at around 12,500 metric tonnes per annum. The major exporting states are Maharashtra (55%), Andhra Pradesh (11%) and Gujarat (16%). Out of total export shipments by volume from India during 2014-15 financial year, 80% were exported to Europe followed by Asia Pacific region with 15%. However since then volumes have increased sharply.

This blog post discusses why Indian Peanut variety is considered among best in quality when exported from India. It talks about its health benefits, various types available as well as exportable quality varieties, how they are used around the globe and future prospects in terms of growth in demand globally across different regions.

Health Benefits In Indian Peanuts

Indian peanuts are an excellent source of protein, vitamin E, niacin and minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium. They also contain some amount of dietary fibers.

Peanuts are high in antioxidants that provide several health benefits like lower blood pressure levels by increasing the production of nitric oxide which widens blood vessels to improve circulation.

Boosts Immunity

The vitamin E found in peanuts also helps to boost immunity by protecting cells from harmful substances. A serving of peanuts, about 16 nuts per day or 15 grams, can provide you with more than the recommended daily allowance of vitamin E.

Improves Heart Health

Peanut Improves hearth health by reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Peanuts are also an excellent option for people who have diabetes or those with pre-diabetes. Peanuts can help manage blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity by providing a good source of healthy unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, magnesium and protein which have been shown to lower glucose levels in diabetic patients.

Indian Peanut Varieties

There are multiple types of peanuts, which are best categorized according to their shape.

Large and Extra-large peanuts: These types have a long shell with a flat bottom. They’re the most exportable in quality because they can be shelled by hand or machine.

Medium Sized Peanuts: Medium-sized Indian peanuts (the weight is between 12 grams and 16 grams) may also go into exports as well but not on an everyday basis due to cost considerations.

Small Peanuts (<12g): Small peanuts are used mostly for cracking other varieties like cashews, pistachios etc., turning them into snacks, peanut butter, paste etc., softening up raw sugar cane for processing purposes and making coarse salt from sea water using them as coarse.

Most common type is Java peanuts like Java 80/90, Java 70/80, Java 50/60, Java 60 /70. Among this Java 80/90 and Java 60/70 are exported in large volume from India. There are also peanuts for oil extraction, seeds, retail selling and for making peanut cakes.

However, Indian peanuts are also exported with their outer shell. The outer shell can be used as a source of food or fertilizer.

The global market for peanuts is growing at a rapid pace. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), production has increased by about 25% over just the past decade, with China now producing more than any other country on Earth and accounting for nearly half of all world exports. The USDA also predicts that peanut consumption will continue to climb: globally it’s expected to grow an average of three percent per year through 2030

Top Peanut Importing Countries

  1. NETHERLAND, 464.00 (US$ Mill.)
  2. Indonesia, 349.00 (US$ Mill.)
  3. China P RP, 322.00 (US$ Mill.)
  4. Russia, 195.00 (US$ Mill.)
  5. Germany, 181.00 (US$ Mill.)
  6. Mexico, 155.00 (US$ Mill.)
  7. Canada, 126.00 (US$ Mill.)
  8. U K, 124.00 (US$ Mill.)
  9. VIETNAM SOC REP, 111.00 (US$ Mill.)
  10. Poland, 100.00 (US$ Mill.)

Top Peanut Exporting Countries

  1. Argentina, 730.00 (US$ Mill.)
  2. U S A, 489.00 (US$ Mill.)
  3. India, 444.00 (US$ Mill.)
  4. China P Rp, 384.00 (US$ Mill.)
  5. Brazil, 238.00 (US$ Mill.)
  6. Senegal, 182.00 (US$ Mill.)
  7. Sudan, 125.00 (US$ Mill.)
  8. Nicaragua, 93.00 (US$ Mill.)
  9. Netherland, 70.00 (US$ Mill.)
  10. Ethiopia, (US$ Mill.)

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